About WCAT


  • is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation established in 1987 to administer public, educational, and governmental cable television to the Town of Winthrop.
  • is controlled by a volunteer board of directors, independent of both the government and cable company.
  • is watched regularly by 76% of Winthrop residents according to a Chamber of Commerce market survey.
  • offers cable time on Channel 3 for locally produced programs for the community.
  • teaches television production classes to Winthrop residents and members of Winthrop organizations to enable people to produce their own shows for the town.
  • helps producers by offering professional assistance, along with the use of video cameras, microphones, lights, studio space, editing facilities, and by introducing producers to other community volunteers.
  • encourages everyone to participate, including over 300 educational and non-profit groups who have used WCAT to publicize their events.
  • has had programming win awards nationally in the “Hometown Video Festival” and in the Massachusetts Cable Division contest.
  • is a recipient of the Chamber of Commerce Community Service Award.
  • is funded in part by Comcast Cable and by government agency grants, corporations, local businesses, and individuals.
  • is seen in over 5,500 Winthrop households.