Become a Member


$25.00 yearly dues

WCAT recognizes individuals for their support of local access television with a message on the community bulletin board. All members receive discounts on WCAT services (tape copying, classes, etc.). In addition, donations to WCAT are tax deductible.


$40.00 yearly dues

Same as individual, but benefits extend to all family members.


$50.00 yearly dues

Non-profit groups and organizations are invited to participate on the show “French Square is Talking” which highlights upcoming fundraisers and town events. All notices from non-profits are advertised free of charge on the community bulletin board.

To Join

To become a supporting member of WCAT, send dues with the category of membership to: WCAT, 165 Winthrop Street, Winthrop, MA 02152. Include the name (add the contact person if it is a business or non-profit organization), telephone, and address. Also supply any information you wish to be included on your “thank you” page on the community bulletin board.